Working Papers

Current Working Papers

Current papers can be purchased through Georgia Tech's Marketplace Store.  2015 papers are now available for free through the links below.

Paper ID Paper Name Paper Authors
CPBIS-WP-2015-03 Environmental Compliance and Investment Behavior of Capital-intensive Industries A. Urmanbetova, D. Matisoff, P. McCarthy, D. Noonan
CPBIS-WP-2015-02 Responsive Regulation: Target- vs. Budget-Driven Regulation A. Urmanbetova, D. Matisoff, P. McCarthy
CPBIS-WP-2015-01 Policy Instruments and Adoption of Pollution Prevention Activities A. Urmanbetova, D. Matisoff, P. McCarthy
CPBIS-WP-2010-02 Georgia's Pulp and Paper Industry, 1990-2008: Establishments, Employment, and Sales P. McCarthy
CPBIS-WP-2010-01 Valuation Effects of Bankruptcy along the Supply Chain of the Pulp and Paper Industry C. Ho, P. McCarthy, X. Ye

Past Working Papers

Paper ID Paper Name Paper Authors
CPBIS-WP-2009-02 The Forest Products Industry at a Crossroads: NEMS Analysis of Potential Energy and Climate Policies M. Brown and Y. Baek
CPBIS-WP-2009-01 J. Youtie, P. Shapira, and L. Kay
CPBIS-WP-2008-04 M. Brown and N. Atamturk
CPBIS-WP-2008-03 Z. Zhuang, L. Ding, and H. Li
CPBIS-WP-2008-02 L. Lei and H. Li
CPBIS-WP-2008-01 R. Kilic
CPBIS-WP-2007-02 D. White, M. Evans, H. Vogl, M. Song, B. Jonen, and G. Peter
CPBIS-WP-2007-01 V. Ghosal and U. Nair-Reichert
CPBIS-WP-2006-02 P. McCarthy and A. Urmanbetova
CPBIS-WP-2006-01 H. Li, F. Zhang
CPBIS-WP-2005-07 G. Peter, D. White, R. de la Torre, R. Singh, and D. Newman
CPBIS-WP-2005-06 J. Meyers and H. Nanko
CPBIS-WP-2005-05 M. Farmer and S. Burke
CPBIS-WP-2005-04 M. Farmer
CPBIS-WP-2005-03 H. Li and G. Wang
CPBIS-WP-2005-02 H. Toivanen
CPBIS-WP-2005-01 H. Li and J. Luo
CPBIS-WP-2004-12 N. Wang, J. C. Lu, and P. Kvam
CPBIS-WP-2004-11 A. Urmanbetova
CPBIS-WP-2004-10 G. Peter, J. Fernandez, D. White, and C. Courchene
CPBIS-WP-2004-09 G. Peter, D. White, N. Sicarelli, and R. de la Torre
CPBIS-WP-2004-08 C. Charoensiriwath and J.C. Lu
CPBIS-WP-2004-07 C. Charoensiriwath and J.C. Lu
CPBIS-WP-2004-06 H. Li, P. McCarthy, and A. Urmanbetova
CPBIS-WP-2004-05 H. Li, J. Luo, and P. McCarthy
CPBIS-WP-2004-04 P. Swafford
CPBIS-WP-2004-03 C. Parsons and R. Necochea
CPBIS-WP-2004-02 D. Fedor and D. Herold
CPBIS-WP-2004-01 T. Santoso, M. Goetschalckx, S. Ahmed, and A. Shapiro
CPBIS-WP-2003-05 V. Ghosal
CPBIS-WP-2003-04 J. Luo
CPBIS-WP-2003-03 H. Toivanen
CPBIS-WP-2003-02 C. Carmichael, P. Newcomb, B. Bras, and P. Stuart
CPBIS-WP-2003-01 L. Marko
CPBIS-WP-2002-01 H. Toivanen