Projects and Final Reports

Current Reports

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Report ID Report Name Authors
CPBIS-FR-2015-02 Pulp and Paper Economic Indicators: A Comparative Analysis, 2015 Update Patrick McCarthy, Aselia Urmanbetova
CPBIS-FR-2015-01 Pollution Abatement and Prevention: Cross-Industry Benchmarks Aselia Urmanbetova
CPBIS-FR-2014-01 Pulp and Paper Economic Indicators: A Comparative Analysis, 2014 Update Patrick McCarthy, Aselia Urmanbetova
CPBIS-FR-2013-01 Pulp and Paper Economic Indicators: A Comparative Analysis Patrick McCarthy
CPBIS-FR-2013-02 Georgia’s Pulp and Paper Industry, 1990 – 2008 Establishments, Employment, and Sales Patrick McCarthy
CPBIS-FR-2013-03 The Effect of GDP on US Pulp and Paper Output: A Time Series Analysis Patrick McCarthy
CPBIS-FR-2013-04 2011 U.S. Pulp and Paper Capacity Patrick McCarthy
CPBIS-FR-2010-01 Estimation of Carbon Footprints for Fiber and Energy Inputs in Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Jacek Sirey and Neelam Pulyal
CPBIS-FR-2010-02 Predicting Bankruptcy in the Pulp and Paper Industry Chun-Yu Ho, Patrick McCarthy, and Yi Yang

Past Projects and Final Reports

Report ID Report Name Authors
CPBIS-FR-2009-02 Practices and Plans for Sustainability in Georgia's Pulp and Paper Sector: Results from the Georgia Manufacturing Survey 2008 J. Youtie, P. Shapira, L. Kay
CPBIS-FR-2009-01 Identification of Future Printing Industry Trends D. White
CPBIS-FR-2008-03 China's Pulp and Paper Industry: A Review H. Li
CPBIS-FR-2008-02 Price Volatility, Inventory, and Industry Consolidation in the Pulp and Paper Industry H. Li and R. Kilic
CPBIS-FR-2008-01 Potential Impacts of Energy and Climate Policies on the U.s. Pulp and Paper Industry M. Brown and N. Atamturk
CPBIS-FR-2007-01 The Role and Value of Innovation in the Pulp and Paper Industry V. Ghosal and U. Nair-Reichert
CPBIS-FR-2006-01 An Investigation into Papers for Digital Printing M. A. Evans, B. LeMaire, D. White
CPBIS-FR-2005-06 Innovation in the Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Industry: Insights from the 2005 Georgia Manufacturing Survey J. Youtie and P. Shapira
CPBIS-FR-2005-05 The Value of Forest Biotechnology: A Cost Modeling Study with Loblolly Pine and Kraft Linerboard in the Southeastern USA G. Peter, D. White, R. de la Torre, R. Singh, and D. Newman
CPBIS-FR-2005-04 Profiling Best Practices: A Cross-Center and Cross-Industry Exploratory Analysis of Box-Plant Trucking-Logistics in the Paper Industry J.C. Lu and P. McCarthy
CPBIS-FR-2005-03 Management of and Methods for the Configuration of Globally Efficient Supply Chains in the Containerboard Sector M. Goetschalckx and U. Nair-Reichert
CPBIS-FR-2005-02 Black Liquor Gasification: Community Resources and Strategic Research Design M. Farmer and S. Sinquefeld
CPBIS-FR-2005-01 Integrated Environmental and Economic Performance Assessments for Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis in Paper Manufacturing B. Bras, M. Realff, and C. Carmichael
CPBIS-FR-2004-06 Price Behavior (and Forecasting and Elasticities) in the Pulp and Paper Industry H. Li, P. McCarthy, S. Banerjee, J.C. Lu, and A. Ragauskas
CPBIS-FR-2004-05 Policy, Organization, and Innovation in American Pulp and Paper since 1914: Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Problems G. Giebelhaus and S. Usselman
CPBIS-FR-2004-04 US Pulp Business Market: Demonstrating the Increased Relevance for the Evaluation of Pulp G. Challagalla and H. Nanko
CPBIS-FR-2004-03 Workplace Transformation and Human Resource Management Practices in the Pulp and Paper Industry C. Parsons
CPBIS-FR-2004-02 Profiling Best Practices: An Explanatory Analysis of Boxplant Trucking Logistics in the Paper Industry J. Madariaga and P. McCarthy
CPBIS-FR-2004-01 A Study of the MRO Supply Chain for Paper Mills Y.L. Chang, C. Gaimon, S. Ghosh, and V. Singhal