Data and Resources

Internet-based data tools developed by the CPBIS researchers:

  • Interactive Mills OnLine – Displays online current pulp and paper mill locations in the U.S., including mill city and state, the number of grades produced, and various state and county statistics.

  • References and Links – Reflecting the significant amount of data that government and organizations are now making available, we have identified over twenty-five links to government, organization, and some commercial sites that provide general economic information as well as information specific to the pulp and paper industry.

Please include a formal citation when using CPIBS products in your work.  Citing CPBIS helps keep track and measure the impact of its cumulative efforts and acknowledges the Center's academic and research contributions.  For example, a suggested format for Mills OnLine database is:

Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies, Georgia Institute of Technology. No date. Mills OnLine (database). Last updated January 2013. MS Excel.